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11 spooky photos of switches

11 spooky photos of switches

They say ‘the devil is in the details’, but sometimes it’s a monster (or worse) lurking in seemingly unimportant details, as you can see from these 11 absolutely gruesome switches. We will have warned you …

Lightswitch Cover

1) Attempted assault

If you can’t see the harm in this LEGO switch, then you are very naive.

My nephew had the best idea: let’s make a giant spike to put right next to the light switch

2) Jesus and the children

Hopefully, the owner of this switch doesn’t realize how disturbing it is.

My religious grandma’s light switch …

3) Watch out for the monster!

This truly spooky switch is hopefully just a temporary Halloween decoration.

Just a light switch flip away from LNI!

4) The most complete misunderstanding

For some, the unknown is worse than all the monsters in the world. I wonder what happens when you press the button?

Found this light switch in Beijing. Wonder what happens if you press it

5) The exhibitionist

No comments…

6) difficulty embodied

“I just wanted to turn on the light…”

Light Switch Complicator

7) The hand

A switch in the office of a hand surgeon. Doctors have always had a special sense of humor …

8) Dr. Frankenstein says hello to you

Turning on the light requires real physical effort.

9) Han Solo in carbonite

To Star Wars fans, it’s clear this is a hibernating Han Solo in pain. For all the others, it is a stranger who suffers, which is not necessarily better.

Han Solo light switch cover

10) the most difficult decision to make

The decision to choose the good side of the force also has its drawbacks. This is especially noticeable when paying the electricity bill.

Star wars light switch

11) unintentionally scary

I wonder what happened to the poor kid who had this switch in his room.

Clown light switch cover

So, what do you think ? But what went through the minds of these people when choosing these switches?

Cover images: ©Imgur / Julia12345 ©Imgur / Amsklei

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