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11 embarrassing and taboo diseases

11 embarrassing and taboo diseases

There are many reasons why certain conditions and illnesses are perceived as troublesome. On the one hand, certain parts of the body (for example the digestive organs and genitals) are still subject to a certain taboo. In the case of infectious diseases, those affected are also afraid of being excluded. And there are also illnesses where we feel that it is our own fault that we have it. In this article, you will learn not only about 11 diseases considered particularly troublesome, but also the dangers of hiding them.

1. Flatulence

Even though gas is often just the result of an improper diet (sugary drinks, large meals, low fiber), you should discuss the problem with your doctor if it persists for a long time. Other causes can be food intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, or certain medications.

2. Constipation

Constipation is usually related to gas and is often nutritional as well. Since it is not advisable to take laxatives for a long time without consulting a doctor and constipation can also be caused by intestinal polyps, cancerous ulcers or hormonal imbalance (eg a poorly active thyroid), you should not postpone too long your visit to the doctor.

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3. Hemorrhoids

People who frequently suffer from constipation are usually also affected by hemorrhoids. These are manifested as a foreign body sensation, itching or oozing in the anal area. One of the causes of these symptoms is excessive pressure on the toilet. A doctor can determine the severity of hemorrhoids and whether sitz baths and creams are sufficient for treatment or if surgery is needed.

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4. Bad breath

You should never think that bad breath is harmless. Although some foods affect our body odor, it can also be the result of serious illness, whether in the mouth or elsewhere. If you go to the doctor early enough, you will prevent such a disease from developing.

5. Excessive sweating

Of course, everyone sweats, whether after physical exertion or because the weather is hot. But if the sweating is permanent, it quickly becomes stressful. A doctor can determine whether the excessive sweating is a side effect of another illness or an independent illness. As a result, he may prescribe deodorants or special medications or refer you to surgical treatment.

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6. Incontinence

Incontinence is more common in old age because muscles weaken with age, which also affects the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles. Pregnancies and childbirth also contribute to the problem, as the pelvic floor muscles have to carry more weight during pregnancy and become limp due to hormones. During birth, injuries often add to the problem. As this problem can usually be eliminated or significantly reduced by pelvic floor exercises, you should always seek the help of a physiotherapist who specializes in this area.

7. Venereal diseases

Venereal disease is definitely one of those diseases that you don’t want to advertise. As soon as you notice any redness, itching in the genital area or a discharge, you should always take the quickest route to the doctor and, as soon as you know what it is, also inform your sexual partners. . If left untreated, some venereal diseases can make you infertile or cause tumors to grow.

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8. Mycosis of the feet

Athlete’s foot is not a big problem on its own, but if not treated properly bacteria can penetrate through the skin and cause erysipelas, which in the worst case can lead to blood poisoning.

9. Lice

Although head lice are a very common occurrence, many parents are ashamed that their children have lice. Nevertheless, it is important to inform the school so that other families can also check their children for the presence of lice and the problem can be brought under control.

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10. Depression

Depression should not be taken lightly because silence can be fatal. Those affected often find themselves in a vicious cycle of shame and self-deprecation, which prevents them from seeking professional help or at least from talking about their condition to their loved ones. Suicide then seems to be the only way out for some.

11. Sexual disorders

For many people, sex is a very private matter that they don’t discuss with anyone or just their partner and maybe their best friend. Therefore, there are also many people who do not go to the doctor for sexual disorders (for example, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men, sexual apathy in women), but try to deal with the problem by themselves. It is important to find the causes of these disorders: they can be hormonal, psychological or be linked to the organs.

Painful illnesses

Some of the illnesses mentioned above lead to withdrawal into oneself and avoidance of social contact as well as certain activities, which further impairs quality of life. By talking to family or friends, a doctor, or other affected people, it is often possible to put the problem into perspective.

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