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10 things guests really pay attention to in your home

10 things guests really pay attention to in your home

The first impression is very important: this is not only the case for dating, but also for discovering new environments. When guests come to your house for the first time, there are certain things that they subconsciously pay attention to, but which directly determine whether they feel comfortable in you or not. To make sure you make a good impression, check out the ten things below that should always be clean before visitors arrive.

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1. The smell

If you stay at home for a long time, you won’t even notice the smell inside. However, when guests from outside enter your home, they notice the smells much more intensely. This is why you must ventilate your house well beforehand and, if necessary, light a few scented candles. It also creates a cozy atmosphere.

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A look of disgust

2. The front door

The front door is more important than you might think. If it has stains, fingerprints or a layer of dust, guests can immediately conclude the same for the interior of your apartment. So clean stains, smears and dust from the front door and give your apartment a neat look before you even enter.

4105 Front door

3. The shoe cabinet

The first thing that catches your eye in an apartment: the entrance. This is where the shoes are usually stored. The way they are organized speaks volumes about the residents’ sense of order. Are the shoes on a shelf, in a closet, or are they scattered on the floor? This last point is rather negative for the guests.

Shoe rack

4. Mirrors

People look at themselves almost automatically in almost any mirror they see. Fingerprints, toothpaste splashes and the like are directly noticed negatively. If a mirror is dirty, it indicates a lack of hygiene. It is therefore worth wiping it off quickly before guests arrive.

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5. The library

The shelves often have the disadvantage of being open and the mess is immediately noticeable. However, since guests like to browse the bookcases, you should make sure that the books are always tidy. You can also install doors on the shelves to hide the mess.

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Cat Shelf

6. The sofa

If you have kids or pets, the sofa might not be the cleanest place to sit in the apartment. It is nevertheless the most comfortable. So be sure to remove stains and pet hair, and shake up the cushions to provide your guests with a comfortable place to sit, have a coffee, and have a chat.

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7. The kitchen table

If the kitchen table is full of things that don’t belong there, the whole room looks messy. It is therefore preferable to put away unnecessary things before your guests arrive. It makes a big difference in the overall impression of your home.

kitchen table

8. The sink

When your guests use your bathroom, besides the toilet, the sink is the first thing that jumps out at them. As a resident, you don’t mind dust that much if you see it several times a day. But a dusty sink with a scaled-up faucet lets guests know that it’s been some time since the last big clean, and it makes them feel uncomfortable.


9. Soap

Speaking of the sink: soap is also important for guests. The small pieces, almost finished and soft, are less attractive for washing hands. It’s not uncommon for guests to wonder how many bacteria and germs are on it. So it is best to prepare a brand new soap for your guests before they arrive.

Bar of Soap

10. Towels

There is nothing more annoying than not seeing which towel is intended for guests in the bathroom. Is this the towel the resident uses to dry their entire body, or the towel that guests are allowed to use to dry their hands? We never know ! So be sure to label guest towels accordingly.


Whatever the deadline, you will always have time to prepare these ten points well. Now that you know what your guests pay special attention to, you can now receive them in a clean apartment and make them feel comfortable.

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