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10 reasons why toilet doors don’t go to the floor

10 reasons why toilet doors don’t go to the floor

Why are public restroom doors so “short”? No, this is not so that we can spy on you, there are indeed real reasons for these strange dimensions. In this article, we explain why:

1) Emergency assistance

The most obvious reason is obviously the help in case of emergency. Other people can see from the outside if you’ve passed out, for example, and your calls for help are also more audible if the cabin doors don’t reach the floor.

Rettung im Notfall

2) Protection against abuse

“Short” doors make people feel more watched and increase their inhibitions. They are therefore less likely to commit acts of vandalism behind the closed door or even crimes.

3) Toilet paper

It is not uncommon to run out of toilet paper in public restrooms. When the walls do not go to the ground, you can therefore ask your neighbor to pass toilet paper underneath.

These restroom stalls have translucent doors … from r / CrappyDesign

4) Shorter waiting times

Another advantage of public toilet doors is that it is easier to see whether the toilet is occupied or not. This can reduce wait times, especially in women’s washrooms.

5) Cost reduction

While it might seem a little silly at first, a shorter door naturally costs less. They are also easier and cheaper to install than the large ones.

CSAC restroom stalls.  Women's has three stalls.  Men's has two stalls and a urinal.  Both have two sinks and a wall-mounted Dyson hand dryer.  There is a GFCI outlet in each room.  Each restroom has one ADA-accessible stall.

6) Pipe problem

If a pipe bursts or the toilet is clogged and overflowing, water can flow more easily to the sewer and does not collect behind the door.

7) bad smells

Odors disappear more easily from the cabin if the doors do not reach the floor. And with the many different people who use public toilets, you can’t get rid of bad smells fast enough.

8) Emergency

Fortunately, this only happens rarely, but every now and then the cabin locks don’t work. If the door was the normal size, you wouldn’t be able to free yourself from the toilet on your own. However, as soon as there is a space under the door, you can slide under it to exit.

Dizzying lines

9) Shorter passage

People tend to spend less time in public toilets when the doors are shorter. The feeling of being watched prompts people to hurry.

10) Easier cleaning

If the doors and walls of the different cabins do not go down to the floor, it is easier for the cleaning staff to do their job, as they do not have to open each cabin door individually.

Leichtere Reinigung

What you should also know:

Why do the cabin doors open inwards?

  • This way you don’t hurt the person walking past your cabin the moment you open the door.
  • Doors that open inward do not block the hallway and allow people to quickly escape in the event of a fire alarm.
  • If the lock on a door is broken, it is easier to keep the door closed if it opens inward.
  • When entering a public toilet, we want to touch as few surfaces as possible with our hands. Doors that open inward can be pushed with the shoulder without having to touch the handle. Not only is this more hygienic, it also saves time in the event of precipitation.

Nothing to be uncomfortable with then. Everything has a reason, you know and often people try to make our life easier while protecting us. Do your business in peace!

Cover images: ©Pinterest / IronwoodManufacturing, Co. ©Reddit / hi_fbi

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