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10 “mistakes” you make without realizing in everyday life

10 “mistakes” you make without realizing in everyday life

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we all do things we don’t even think about. This is called automatisms. Very often, however, it is precisely these automatisms that are not as good for us as we think they are, or that subconsciously make life more difficult for us. In the following article, you will find out the 10 things you should pay more attention to in the future.

1. Drink coffee as soon as you wake up

Many of them “need” a cup of coffee in the morning in order to wake up, or at least we think so. The natural biorhythm already causes between 8 and 9 a.m. the stress hormone hydrocortisone is released in abundance, making you feel like you’re awake. If you drink coffee during this time, then you will not benefit from the effect of caffeine, as your body cannot wake up more than it already is anyway. It is therefore better to drink your coffee after 9 a.m. to give your body a boost of energy.


2. Stir the sugar in the coffee in a circular motion

Speaking of coffee, those who drink their coffee with sugar should not stir it in circular motions, but move the spoon up and down. This not only dissolves and distributes the sugar in the drink much faster, but also limits spillage.

Stir coffee with a spoon

3. Eat too fast

Among all the activities that accumulate in our daily life, we rarely have the opportunity to have our meals in peace, especially at noon. However, one must be careful to give oneself enough time to eat. Since the stomach takes about 20 minutes on average to realize that it is full, it has been proven that you eat less when you eat more slowly. This helps prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Eating Tacos

4. Watching TV while eating

It is also best to avoid watching TV while eating because if you focus all of your attention on your food, you will enjoy it more and at the same time you will be able to listen to your body better. It also reduces the risk of weight gain.

TV watcher

5. Drink a glass of water after a meal

After a meal, it is better to avoid drinking a glass of water, because it shields the stomach even more and gives the impression of having eaten too much. It is best to drink water before meals to prepare the stomach for future food intake.

kamalpur 02 glass

6. Use Teflon at too high temperatures

Teflon pans can be dangerous if you use them improperly. Indeed, at more than 250 ° C, they release toxic substances which can be carcinogenic if they are inhaled. Meat and other foods that require high temperatures to cook should therefore be prepared in an iron pan.

306-365 (Year 7) T is for Teflon

7. Heat plastic containers in the microwave oven

Disposable plastic, often found in ready meals, has no place in the microwave. Not only can it melt and make your food inedible, it can also release chemicals that are harmful to your health. It is therefore best to heat your food on a microwave-safe plate.

Not microwave safe.

8. Do not wash cans before consuming their contents.

Tin cans are touched so often in supermarkets that they are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It is therefore best to rinse cans before consuming them to prevent these same germs and bacteria from entering your food when you decant them.

Mexican Ingredients

9. Store the tomatoes at room temperature

Should tomatoes be kept cool or not? Yes and no. Tomatoes should be stored at best at 12 ° C. On the other hand, at around 7 ° C, the refrigerator can store tomatoes better, but they can lose their flavor. Therefore, you can chill them, but let them “warm” to room temperature for a while before consuming them.

Alan's Rotten Tomatoes

10. Eat hamburgers in a linear fashion

The best way to eat a burger: in a circle, rather than in a linear fashion. If you flip the burger after each bite, you prevent the ingredients from falling on the other side. It avoids unnecessary mess on the plate.


These aren’t real “mistakes” of course, but with these tips and tricks you can make your everyday life much safer and more relaxed. You can not find ?

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