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10 mask problems we’ve all experienced in 2020

10 mask problems we’ve all experienced in 2020

Until a few months ago, we only saw it in hospitals: the mask. Who would have imagined that today, in 2020, it would be a daily essential? And even if its effectiveness in this health crisis is no longer to be proven, it is nonetheless quite painful to wear every day. The following article lists the situations that you will probably have experienced this year.

1. Mask forgetting

You’re late, the metro is about to leave, but you keep running and get through the doors just in time. Wonderful! But suddenly everyone is looking at you. Why ? With all that, you forgot to put on your mask. You must quickly find your new essential accessory to protect yourself and others.

Forgetting the mask

2. Forgetting the mask already on the nose

Let’s be honest: Even though the mask is necessary, we are all very happy to take it off. However, often lost in our thoughts, we forget that we are wearing the mask and do not take it off until we get home. Except that you can walk in the street without the mask, especially if there is no one nearby!

Keep the mask

3. Apply fabric softener to wash off the mask

Does your fabric softener smell good? Great ! Be careful not to put it on when washing your masks in the machine. Why ? Because a strong softener smell can upset you. It’s a friend’s advice!


4. The feeling of being constantly expressionless

How frustrating not to see people’s smiles! Fortunately, some people have expressive eyes, but not all. In 2020, we have to guess people’s facial expressions.


5. Mask not suitable

The face shapes are different, but the masks have a unique shape. Also, we sometimes come across accessories that pull too much on the ears or are too large. We must therefore make sure to find them with adjustable straps.


6. The galley with the glasses

Wearing glasses and a mask don’t mix! As soon as the air is exhaled, mist forms on the glasses. A hell ! It is therefore better to opt for contact lenses to avoid this inconvenience.


7. No longer being able to wear big earrings

Women who like to wear big earrings have a little problem this year… The earrings get tangled in the mask’s straps causing pain. It is therefore almost impossible to quickly remove the mask without almost tearing the ears.


8. Drink with a mask

Sometimes you’re so used to wearing a mask that you don’t even notice it anymore. We start to drink and that’s when we feel this piece of tissue between the lips. No wonder some people wanted to create intuitive masks, like the one in the photo below.

To drink

9. Buttons on and under the nose

With the mask, moisture collects between the mouth and the nose. This moisture is then deposited into the mask and can cause pimples if used multiple times. This is why you should wash or boil your mask very regularly.


10. Facial recognition does not work

For all smartphone enthusiasts who unlock their cell phone using facial recognition, this is the tragedy! The mask ruins everything. We must therefore favor a normal code, even if with the coming winter this also poses a problem because of the gloves. Fortunately, there are some made specifically for smartphones.

Facial recognition

We have all known these inconveniences with the mask. The latter is nonetheless essential to prevent the spread of the virus. So let’s take our trouble patiently and hope that everything is back to normal as soon as possible.

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