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10 fearless people who don’t care about their safety

10 fearless people who don’t care about their safety

Most people these days make sure they are always safe. We are careful in all aspects of life, both personal and professional. The most important thing is to be prepared for any eventuality.

Fortunately, there are still a few adventurers who prefer a taste for risk to that of security. They then offer us thrilling moments that we never tire of savoring, but from afar. Look at the following 10 examples:

1. Most parents would have screamed in horror when they saw this! Except that in reality, there is no better way to shield the microbiota of this little being who will be much more resistant, once an adult, than his comrades.

Prevent Swine Flu !!

2. There are other alternatives, much more suitable, for transporting animals in complete safety.

3. Yes, sheep can also be completely unconscious!

Police in the UK have managed to talk down a suicidal sheep from the rooftop of a house.

4. We have nothing against the retro style, but the child seats of the time were not very safe and it has been proven.

New Baby Car Seat - 3 Months - June 1962

5. “It’s by falling that you learn” … It’s a bit high all the same, isn’t it?

Baby gates make your house safer.

6. Does this man seek to harm himself on purpose?

safety first

7. Why shouldn’t we play with fire? Because it hurts a lot and it can quickly get out of hand.


8. The artist Ahn Jun often takes pictures of her on the tops of buildings. We have chills!

9. A GR that puts your nerves to the test.

World’s most dangerous hiking trail – Mount Huashan in China

10. Some don’t care about the weather. A unicycle on snow is perfect, isn’t it?

Sometimes, 1 wheel is safer than 4.

We have a cold sweat! You could describe the people in these photos as completely oblivious, but they will surely prefer to define themselves as adventurers. Either way, we do not recommend these experiments. Do not reproduce them at home!

If you need more of the thrills, check out the following articles for more photos of people who think life is too short to be afraid.

Source: obviousfun

Cover images: ©Instagram / aprilkhamphasouk ©flickr / Larry Jacobsen

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