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10 disturbing and exciting facts about the body

10 disturbing and exciting facts about the body

Human beings are wonderful beings. There is so much that he does not understand and above all it concerns his own body. As we are never done learning, we are going to show you 10 curious facts about the human body that are so weird that you will want to forget them immediately.

1. There are more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in your country.

Disgusting, but true: if you don’t live in China or India, there are a lot more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in your country. They are on average more than a billion.


2. You exchange more germs when you shake hands than when you kiss.

Despite the presence of many bacteria in your mouth, you transmit more germs when you shake hands than when you kiss. This is because the skin has many small invisible cracks in which bacteria and germs accumulate unnoticed. The hands also touch much more surfaces than the mouth, for example.


3. During his lifetime, a human being produces enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

To be precise, two swimming pools with a volume of about 10,000 cubic meters. Indeed, a man produces on average 0.5 to 1 l of saliva per day and has a life expectancy of 79 years, which corresponds to approximately 28,000 liters.


4. Teeth may develop in the ovaries.

Although it is very, very rare, it is possible for teeth to grow in a woman’s ovaries. They are called teratomas: tumors in which hair, skin glands, and other types of tissue grow where they shouldn’t.


5. Menstrual cramps occur when the uterus literally strangles.

The uterus contracts during menstruation to expel the endometrium. The uterus compresses the blood vessels so hard that it can no longer carry oxygen, and it literally chokes. This activates certain stimuli in the brain, which eventually cause menstrual cramps.


6. There are women who secrete milk through the armpits.

Breast tissue responsible for milk production in women can, in rare cases, extend to the armpits, so some women may secrete milk through the pores in their armpits.


7. Mites can live in the eyelashes.

It is not uncommon for mites to live in human eyelashes and also those of animals. They feed on the dead skin cells that are found between the small eyelashes. But as a rule, the mites that live there fortunately do not cause any nuisance.


8. Humans lose approximately 50 million skin cells per day.

Every two to four weeks, the top layer of a person’s skin is completely renewed. According to this study, a person loses around 50 million new skin cells every day.


9. When you turn red, the lining of the stomach also turns red.

When you are embarrassed, your body produces adrenaline. This has the effect of dilating your blood vessels to give you more oxygen, causing your cheeks and stomach lining to briefly redden as the blood is pumped.

Red cheeks

10. A man farts about 14 times a day.

On average, a person farts about 14 times a day, but most of the time in their sleep. The human intestine can hold about half a liter to a liter of gas, which is released throughout the day.


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